Mirosh about dreams. Introductory video to dream symbolism

My name is Mirosh. I am a dream interpreter. I am often asked where dreams came from. What are dreams?

Dreams are a message from the ancestors. If we look at the “dream catcher” symbol, we see that it is a tree where roots and branches unite into a single circle, that is, the connection between descendants and ancestors and their mutual agreement. Below we see feathers - a symbol of news.

What do our ancestors want to tell us? First of all, it is the preservation of the family. To preserve a family, it must be first born. Dreams show us how to find our other half. Sometimes there are dreams that clearly show that your other half already exists. Then, the second problem in dreams is the birth of a child. The third is preserving the family. And when there is a family, our ancestors care about the well-being of this family, about its financial success, about mutual understanding between generations and children. That is, everything that is good for us personally.

The biggest issue is, of course, the question of love. Many people believe that love is Manna from heaven, which is prepared for us and should be the way we want it. No, love, first of all, is work! The work of two people.

Nowadays a large number of people contact me about having a child. Absolutely healthy people cannot conceive. I do not mean people who have health problems for medical reasons, but people who are psychosomatically unable to give birth. The psychosomatics of people in dreams is clearly expressed. When I look at dreams why there is no child, other problems open up. The first problem is rejection of each other. Mistrust. When you start to analyse dreams, it turns out that the person is thinking: what if I give birth and they abandon me. How will I raise this child? That is, there is no child yet, but the person has already come up with a lot of things, screwed up the situation, looked at the experience of other people and tried it all on himself, and the block begins. That is, the uterus blocks the conception of a child.

Another problem is that they cannot erase the past. For example, once there were some former partners who, perhaps, were not ready to bear responsibility, who deceived, betrayed, and now we are beginning to transfer all this to the current partner/spouse. And this is what we see in dreams, that this does not allow us to move forward, that is, to conceive a child.

Further, in dreams we often cannot not only forget the past, but we are also very afraid of the future. We want guarantees! Everyone requires some kind of guarantees. They tell me: “what if I marry him, and then he betrays me, and then he leaves me, so let him give me guarantees.” What guarantees can there be in a relationship? Love is always a risk. Love is always work. Love is always something fragile that cannot be touched with your hands or legally formalized.

Our ancestors show us our fears, our prophetic dreams, our fatal dreams. Fatal dreams are for us to calmly accept our own fate. Prophetic dreams - so that we can prevent some blows of fate (like ruin, for example), in order to stop there.

I had a lot of people who thought they were cool, rich, famous. They believed that dreams were not needed, since now there are many other teachings. Dream interpretation is very rare. Earlier, in the long past, in every village there was a grandmother who could interpret dreams, and in every family someone could interpret dreams. But we have lost this knowledge, we have renounced it. Some people say that dream interpretation is not ours, not in our culture. Some people tell me that this is not Kazakh, that it is not inherent in us. It's even funny to me. It turns out that astrology, numerology (I do not deny this knowledge), that they are inherent, but the interpretation of dreams is not inherent to us. Our Kazakh epic, our national treasure “Ertostik” begins with dreams! So, I invite you to the interpretation of dreams. This is a whole world that opens for you the pages of your fear, future and fatality!

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