A dream, according to Mirosh, is a product of a person’s security system: we are a chain-link element (or a branch) in one tree, which we call a family tree. There is a safety program in our life that has a huge genetic memory, where experience and knowledge of all generations is embedded. Hence the dream is a warning, an advice, a letter sent to us by our ancestors... .

Do you need to interpret dreams? The answer is yes. First, it allows you to control the situation in real life. Secondly, you soberly assess the situation and see a way out of it. Thirdly, the dream shows the fatality of some situations, and you can accept it without engaging in self-destruction for what has happened.

Below on this site you can order the interpretation of your dreams. It is advisable to send a series of dreams (5-7 dreams in a row). This often allows us to see a more holistic picture of a dreamer's hidden problem.

Стоимость толкования:

1-2 снов — $20; 2-5 снов — $40.